Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting the hell out of Dodge

After the last two weeks of news, I've really needed a vacation, and luckily enough I'd already planned one. I'll try to post a few times from across the sea, but I'll be mostly absent for the next week. Be sure to keep tabs on the blog, we've had a ton of great posts recently and there will be new content during that time.

Before I leave though, a great article on making a point that has been argued here as well.
Ariana Huffington : Moving to the middle is for losers

As part of this process, I looked at the Obama campaign not through the prism of my own progressive views and beliefs but through the prism of a cold-eyed campaign strategist who has no principles except winning. From that point of view, and taking nothing else into consideration, I can unequivocally say: the Obama campaign is making a very serious mistake. Tacking to the center is a losing strategy. And don't let the latest head-to-head poll numbers lull you the way they lulled Hillary Clinton in December.

Running to the middle in an attempt to attract undecided swing voters didn't work for Al Gore in 2000. It didn't work for John Kerry in 2004. And it didn't work when Mark Penn (obsessed with his "microtrends" and missing the megatrend) convinced Hillary Clinton to do it in 2008.

The whole thing is good, check it out if you get the chance. But to quote Jack: "shit is getting weird, it's time to leave."



  1. ah crap! i didn't mean to bump your post and i definitely didn't mean to repeat exactly the same information you were gonna tell everybody. but my post was funny and i'm gonna leave it up. like i said, have a great trip dude

  2. Have a fantastic time! I'm sorry to miss you - I'll be in DC for the 4th (though I'll also be around for the weekend of the 23rd).

    And yo, if you didn't get a chance to check them out the last time you were in Paris, you will not be disappointed by a trip to The Catacombes.