Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from Netroots

Thanks to the city of Austin for a good time, and to all of the bloggers and activists I met, it's been a pleasure. A few final notes about the conference as a whole:

As cool as it was to see Al Gore (and even though I'm not a huge fan, it was still cool), Nancy Pelosi is a fucking disgrace. And the "let's forget she's been screwing us over repeatedly from trade to the war for the past 2 years" happy go lucky reaction she got from the crowd was surprising. This was our chance to hold her feet to the fire, and she walked away knowing she can stick the knife in again and again, without any consequence.

Van Jones was pretty damn amazing, and so was Larry Lessig. Gavin Newsom is a very good politician who would be a shoe-in for governor if it weren't for this little thing.

People who should know better don't understand that union busting still happens today. In fact, it happens in 82% of all union organizing campaigns. During a campaign, 49% of companies threaten to move the company oversees if a union is formed. 30% of companies will fire an employee for trying to form a union. These stats need to be, and will be plastered everywhere during the campaign for the Employee Free Choice Act. Let the education of the netroots begin!

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