Saturday, July 19, 2008

"It's just a stupid blog, anyone can have one"

The pub quiz was great fun, and the labor team finished out of the bottom three!

The dailykos party was pretty fantastic, and I met quite a few great people. The highlight of the night was on the walk back to the hotel, when I was came up to a stoplight and a netroots nation attendee came up beside me. I saw his orange badge this ensued:

Me: How'd your night go?

Guy: It went well, I'm pretty tired though, I figured I'd head in.

Me: Yeah, me too, it's been a long day. I'm Julian by the way.

Guy: Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Duncan.

(Wheels start turning...)

Me: Wait... Duncan...

Guy: Duncan Black, sometimes I go as Atrios.

and then proof from later on the conversation...

Me: "I'm a big fan"

Him: "Thanks, I mean it's just a stupid blog, anyone can have one."

Holy crap, it really was Atrios! It was a really great conversation and he couldn't have been nicer. Now on to asking the speaker...

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