Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy America Day everybody! A quick one today as I have a day full of beer-drinking to get started.

The best news of the day comes from the Washington Post, who reports that Gilbert Arenas has agreed in principle to a six- year, $111 million dollar deal to stay with the Wizards.

"I looked at like this: There is nothing I can do for my family with $127 million that I can't do with $111 million," said Gilbert Arenas, who was offered the maximum salary allowed to stay with the Wizards. "Adding key pieces leads to championships and that's what we all want."

Hooray for common sense!

On the other side of that spectrum is, unfortunately, is Barack Obama who seems to be caving at every chance he gets. This time, it's on Iraq. I'm about as big of an Obama supporter as there is, but while I've tried to defend his recent shifts to the center as strategy to be elected, it's worrisome how he's become a true centrist on almost every issue once the general election campaign started. I'm no political expert, but isn't this the same sort of thing that republicans called John Kerry a "flip-flopper" for in '04? Just sayin'.

Jesse Helms died at age 86.

In tennis, the Williams sisters face each other in tomorrow's Wimbeldon final. My money's on Venus.

Lastly, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And good riddance.

Everybody enjoy your apple pie, lite beer and freedom today. Talk to you later

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