Thursday, July 17, 2008

Netroots Nation: Day 1

Walking to the convention center from the hotel I realized I was 4-5 feet behind Markos of Dailykos, so I figured that's a good sign.

This morning's labor caucus sparked an odd sense of... what's that word... solidarity. In a discussion with people representing different unions from across the country, the main theme ended where it needed to be, with the Employee Free Choice Act. For those who aren't familiar, click here.

Also met Trapper John of dkos at the Labor caucus, who argued that the fight over EFCA had the power to create the long sought bond between the netroots and the labor movement, something that would definitely be a welcomed development.

Update: The openleft caucus...
Pretty fucking amazing. The fascinating discussion here proved why it has become the preeminent blog of the progressive movement (in my opinion). One of the more pointed exchanges that comes to mind was a discussing on gas prices and why conservatives were succeeding in messaging the idea of drilling off our coasts for oil. Even though polls show that people understand that it won't lower gas prices, they still respond positively to the idea. As to why, Matt made the astute point that people vote for leadership. Even if they know it won't work, they want someone trying something, and taking a lead on it. It may be a braindead idea, but the conservatives sure are trying something, and it certainly would lead us somewhere!

Politicians who have made appearances in small groups who I've seen or heard speak:
Darcy Burner (Who is seriously becoming a rockstar)
Larry Larocco
Rick Noriega
Joe Garcia
Charlie Brown
Steve Young

(Yes the last two names are politicians, not cartoon characters or hall of famers)

Steve Young in particular made an impassioned speech at the Labor caucus that really stuck with me. He seemed visibly frustrated over the progressive movement's relationship with the labor movement, and offered several ideas that added a lot to the debate.

Walking back from the hotel I ended up directly next to Kos and we talked for a few minutes. He could not have been nicer, and it was really fantastic to meet him.

Obama girl was doing something in the hallway of the convention center, I'm not sure what or why.

Wes Clark and Howard Dean closed the night out with really well done speeches. Clark's was fairly moving and as personal as I've heard him give, and Dean's speech just made me miss him as a candidate.

I had a really nice conversation with a reporter for the Wall Street journal who writes for this site, and is covering the convention.

My personal most anticipated event: Nancy Pelosi's "ask the speaker" has been moved from 9:00 AM to 8:30 AM on Saturday morning. This is the Saturday morning after the Friday night which will include the dailykos party that features an open bar. This is not a coincidence.

Funniest Post of the day: Atrios
Deep Thought

Remember Unity08? That was so awesome.
I think I'm going to call it a night because of the insanity that lies ahead tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday and check back for updates!


  1. what about mccain she-hulk? was she there?

  2. sadly no. But the Sierra club had two people dressed as things that no one could identify... that was kind of strange.