Monday, July 28, 2008

From the first ever Train of Thought board meeting...

(Minus Rb, who was unable to attend. A framed picture of Cobi Jones filled in as his representative)
DCJonesy, Nick, JJ and Jack, pictured as Peroni, Guiness, rum and coke, and... well just plain bottle of rum. Either Jack didn't have a drink and grabbed the nearest bottle to cheers with... or the insanity of the upcoming Beijing Olympics may have started to drive him over the edge.


  1. Curious about how far you got on the agenda, which was....???

  2. Do we really look like people with a plan?

  3. Helen, you of all people should know about that type of agenda, it was typical board meeting stuff.

    Hard hitting questions like asking where Nas' latest album compares with his others. Astute Observations by Nick that between David Bowie, David Byrne and Prince, Bowie might actually be the most normal in the group. Serious discussions on the tragedy that no one recorded Bowie and Prince's jam sessions during the mid 80s.

    As you can tell, much was accomplished.

  4. I am greatly reassured that The Train of Thought board is working hard on behalf of its dedicated readers.

  5. whew, yeah, that was serious business.

    we also discussed upcoming merchandising options- train of thought action figures! dont want to give it all away, but julians comes with removable pants and a variety of boxer options.

  6. to be completely accurate, i think the beer i'm holding was one of whatever German beers Evan brought. but you see quite the gathering of Peroni's on the counter in the background.

    and i thought it was the most productive night i've had in some time (productivity measured by number of drinks consumed).

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