Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts on Tuesday's Elections

A few thoughts on Tuesday's STALINIST IDEOLOGICAL PURGE primaries:

Pennsylvania Senate

The Joe Sestak win is remarkable on a lot of levels, but the media missed the boat on a couple of them. In itself, it's not remarkable that Joe Sestak (a Democrat) would beat Arlen Specter, (a career Republican) in a Democratic primary. However...
  • The effort that Obama, Biden and Rendell and the Democratic machine put behind clearing the primary field to save the ass of a career Republican was stunning
  • The balls that it took for Sestak to remain in the race are unmatched.
  • Fucking disgraceful that OFA and the DSCC wasted tons of resources pushing Specter, even as his general election prospects dimmed
  • Voters not blindly listening to people they otherwise like (Obama, Biden, Rendell) is an encouraging sign
  • Craven assholes who are openly only concerned with keeping their jobs occasionally get what they deserve.
Arkansas Senate

This was a pleasant surprise. Not only did we hold Lincoln under 50% and force a runoff, but she only narrowly beat out Halter's vote totals. In a runoff election that tends to favor those with stronger ability to turn out the vote, I think we stand a very good chance of taking her out.

Murtha's Seat

Mark Critz won this special election, and big. This is a district that voted for McCain, and one where Obama has a 30% approval rating, so this *should* put some serious dents in the ZOMG ALL DEMOCRATS ARE SCREWED BECAUSE STUPID PEOPLE FIGURED OUT THAT YOU CAN GO OUTSIDE AND HOLD RACIST SIGNS narrative.

Kentucky Senate

We hadn't paid much attention to this race but Jack Conway, the more progressive and better general election candidate won. And this is very important because...
Rand Paul Fan Art - Courtesy of some teabagger

The Republicans nominated Rand Paul who

a) Is named RAND
b) Is the son of Ron Paul (Yes, Ron Paul named his son Rand)
c) Is crazy as all shit.

The Republicans nominating crazy as hell/less electable candidates is only fun if we have someone who can beat them, so getting Conway is extra huge.

One Train Action candidate victory complete, one pending.

Donate to Bill Halter and help him knock Blanche Lincoln out of the Senate once and for all!

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  1. of course, the alternative to "voters not blindly listening to people they otherwise like" is "voters refuse to listen to people they no longer like that much". I'll let you consider that for a while.