Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Americans Continue to Speak Out

I seriously have to thank JJ for alerting me to this- I read his post and then went to LF, where sure enough a thread has been formed and suggestions are being sent to the site at blazing speed. Americans Speaking Out? The first reply to the LF thread got it just about right: "I think we've all heard enough out of America." Still, the site is full of pretty good trolls right now. From the "how to increase prosperity" section:

change the national anthem to "It's Raining Men"

I've noticed lately that America's birds are getting a little on the small side. The North African Ostrich is the world's largest and therefore best bird. Why is it that the greatest country on earth doesn't have the world's biggest birds? Liberals want our birds to be small because they hate the Constitution. Jews did 9/11.

we should let BP sue anyone who tries to steal the oil that's flowing into the gulf. they may have misplaced it, but it still BELONGS TO BP. stop stealing BP's oil.

Fund Hamas instead of the IDF

Idea for New Jobs: Construct Additional Pylons. This will keep our drones gainfully employed and increase the size of our base. My Life for Auir!
I figured I might as well chip in an idea:
voting for democrats is haraam. democrats want to allow gay people to seriously get it on in your living room. democrats want to separate church and state. democrats want many unseemly and disturbing things. all of this is haraam. my suggestion is that republicans embrace the creation of a new global caliphate and islamic fundamentalism. if this doesnt work then try gay fascism or maoist-third worldism or something. ron paul did 9/11.

Unfortunately they seem to have banned my account :(



    Also, "Get those lazy scientists to restore dinosaurs and wooly mammoths to Utah and Montana. Tourism will go through the roof."

  2. I wonder when the GOP will realize that anything like this follows the same pattern:

    Site Launched>>> GOP's crazy people start posting crazy/racist things >>>> Liberals start mocking site >>>> Everyone starts trolling their site by posting crazier and crazier things.

    It really does happen every time, and if the community it's designed for is so nuts that they can't use it without making it politically toxic, you've probably got issues.

  3. how can we can construct additional pylons when our mineral fields are depleted, we require more vespene gas, and our base is under attack!!!

    we need smaller government. Only private corporations really understand how to protect us from the zerg.

  4. It's like a grand experiment testing Poe's law!

  5. the socialist nazi communists in the democratic party are clearly the ones who came up with the pylon idea. Everyone knows that REAL Americans build supply depots.

  6. my favorite so far:

    on the subject of national security

    "let's take away all of the guns from everyone and build a giant robot that has thousands and thousands of guns that will be fired and reloaded automatically by mechanical parts "