Wednesday, May 26, 2010

America Speaking Out!

One of the more fun aspects of the modern Republican Party is that teabaggers manage to teabag their way into anything the GOP does.

Example: A seemingly harmless idea where the GOP creates a site to to submit ideas they have about how to improve the government. What pressing issues of the day are Republican voters concerned about?
On Tuesday morning, GOP leaders unveiled, a website that they pitched as a "giant step forward" towards popularizing the Republican platform. The idea is simple -- allow viewers to suggest legislative remedies that they and others could then debate and vote upon. The top suggestions would, naturally, rise to the top.

But opening up the process of debate means inviting in uncomfortable voices. Within minutes, a poster on the site suggested repealing Section II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it was "UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PROGRESSIVE and HITLER." [yes, they used Hitler as an adjective]. (That entry has since been shut down by the GOP.)
"Hitler" often goes underused as an adjective, but that clearly didn't stop this guy.

I was originally going to end the post there, but luckily I decided to click through the links and head over there myself. It's a fantastic combination of people trolling the site and morons, absolutely worth checking out for yourself.

The first idea I saw:
There are too many states these days. Please eliminate three. I am NOT a crackpot.
Abe Simpson, fucking awesome. The people who weren't trolling were equally hilarious:
Just get out of the way! Businesses do fine on its own if you don't saddle them with taxes and regulations.
Because that's working so well! And speaking of those regulations...
eliminating minimum wage laws will allow companies to hire many more Americans for just a fraction of the price. If Mexicans can work for 2$ an hour, so can we.
Like millions of Americans, this person wakes up every morning and asks themselves: "How can our country be as poor as Mexico?" That idea has 130 votes.

My best part of this rant is that it showed up under the site's "Job Creation ideas" page:
Good white christian folk everywhere must stand up and refuse to apologize for committing crimes that infuriate the communist democRATS: 1) Being white and proud of it! (Black people are allowed to declare their racial pride!) 2) Being a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. 3) Not accepting being a sodomite as legitimate lifestyle much less grant these AIDS infected beasts the same rights normal non-child m0lesting people have. 4) Demanind that this white christian nation retain its racial and cultural heritage by rejecting the marxist multi-culturalism of the left. 5) Knowing for a fact that the black communist muslim in the white house was NOT born in the U.S.A. and therefore is not legally president! 6) Demanind that Barack HUSSEIN Obama stop taxing us to death already! 7) Respect our inherent God-given right to own whatever firearm we like! We don't need to justify owning an M4 or AK-47. We may need them when Obama orcastrates a distaster as an excuse to throw us into his FEMA death camps. Stand up America and be counted in November! Kick some communist butt and take back this country for future generations before the allah-loving stalinst in the white house makes us his white slaves permanently!
It's so over the top you'd have to assume that it's someone trolling the site, but real life teabaggers are so out of their fucking minds you can never be sure.

So keep at it guys! Pushing the Republican party into insanely stupid positions might be the best chance we have this November!

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