Friday, May 28, 2010

Rand Paul Has a Racism Problem

Coming off of a media tour defending his ever changing stance on whether or not the Civil Rights Act was a good thing, shockingly enough Rand Paul can't seem to shake accusations of racism.

So to counter those charges and turn his campaign around, he's fired his old campaign manager and hired one who has ties to a white supremacist.

Wait... what?

Kentucky Blog Barefoot and Progressive:
As we noted earlier, Rand Paul's new campaign manager/spokesperson is Jesse Benton, the current Senior Vice President of Ron Paul's 501(c)4 lobbying organization Campaign for Liberty.

Campaign for Liberty does work throughout the country by appointing state, regional and county coordinators. These coordinators are responsible for the recruitment, training and activism of local members. Though states have a certain degree of autonomy, the national HQ has the power to fire or remove coordinators.

And speaking of county coordinators, this seems like a good opportunity to reintroduce our readers to someone we met back in back in March.

Meet the Fayette County (KY) coordinator for Campaign For Liberty, Basil "Bazz" Childress.
Basil, you see, is a white supremacist.

He is the state chairman of the Kentucky League of the South. And the Kentucky League of the South is, as the SPLC points out, a White Supremacist Hate Group advocating a second southern secession from the Union.
Uh yeah. So as B&P points out, combine this with the racist Rand Paul spokesman who had to resign, a refusal to condemn or return money raised on white supremacist website and support from David Duke, and we have a bit of a pattern emerging.

We aren't all lucky enough to look deeply into Rand Paul's soul and definitively state that he isn't a racist like Dave Wiegel of the Washington Post did, but we aren't idiots and can start to add up the evidence.

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