Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sestak / Halter Results Liveblog Tonight

Both Train Of Thought endorsed Senate primary challengers have their elections today, so a liveblog is definitely in order.

In Pennsylvania, Sestak has surged in the polls over the last two weeks and has a slight lead. Today's vote is the one and only, so we find out tonight whether or not we'll have a chance of beating raving lunatic Pat Toomey in the fall.

In Arkansas, things are a bit different. Bill Halter trails Blanche Lincoln by 10 points, but there's a 3rd wheel in the race drawing 6-7%. If Halter can force Lincoln under 50%, then we move to a runoff on June 8th, giving Halter more time to boost his name recognition, whereas the delay would almost certainly hurt Lincoln.

I'd say both races are still longshots (considering the name ID for Lincoln and the political machine that's turning out for Specter), but I'm cautiously optimistic.

So join JN, RB, myself and others discussing the results 7:45 tonight!

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