Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beck Insanity Theater for 5/23

Apparently two of my most frequent Train topics collided this week, when Glenn Beck took a few minutes off from his busy “BUY GOLD NOW!!!11” shtick to compare Tibet to Texas:

Wowee! Some observations:

1. Are Glenn and his co-host high? They both sound like my freshman year roommate and some of his friends, blazed out of their minds, engaging in civilized discourse as to the intricacies of how to best observe 4/20. Shouldn’t a veteran radio guy know how unlistenable that was?

2. Speaking of drug abuse, how high do you have to be before you start talking about Tibet and forget that the people who live there are called Tibetans?! Seriously? He thinks the inhabitants of Tibet are Uighurs? And while we’re on that subject…

3. How the fuck has Beck ever heard of Uighurs? And when he did read about them, how did he not jump to the usual right-wing conclusion and assume (based on their observable state of ‘being Muslim’) that they are terrorists?!

4. Finally- without getting too graphic about the sorts of things that China does to Tibetans, how could even the Randest of wingnutty far-right mcnutcases say/think that the comparison is valid?


  1. god that was painful. WHY DOESNT HE HAVE ANY SHAME???

  2. Wow. I would have bet the house on a Uighurs/terrorist connection.