Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in with Sarah Palin

JN and RB have decided to snow themselves in at the Palace/Train HQ with DCJonesy and I for the snowpocalypse. Luckly for us, we still have power, and Sarah Palin's speech at the teabagger convention will be broadcast live on Fox News. Obviously creating a drinking game was necessary:

One (1) shot for-
-Specific mention of Wasilla
-Going rogue/ being a maverick
-Actually saying "teabagging"

One (1) sip for-
-"Politics as usual"
-Vague mention of "change"
-Hockey reference/ analogy
-"You Betcha" or other faux-folksiness.
-"Government takeover"
-Free market ideology being threatened by wave of socialism
-Real Americans/Rugged Americans/ Strong Americans
-"Straight talk"
-Evil lying media
-Creepy reference to freedom
-Vague reference to the Constitution

Wish us luck...

Update: Too bad we didn't add writing notes on your hand...


  1. what about "socialism" ? shouldn't that be at least a sip?
    Just THINKING about the speech makes me nauseous and I haven't had ANYTHING to drink...

  2. Um... shouldn't you break in this game at some point when the weather doesn't prevent an ambulance from rushing you to the nearest hospital for alcohol poisoning?
    'Cuz I mean, DAMN. You guys are gonna get lit up if you follow all those rules.

  3. WELL, i'M DRUNK