Monday, February 22, 2010

CPAC Highlight Reel

If you have the stomach for it, check out Glenn Beck giving the keynote speech on Saturday.  It's Beck at his best- there's a chalkboard, he does unfunny voices, there's disconnected lunacy and moments of inexplicably extreme emotion.  It's so cringe-worthy even I had trouble making it through.  The audience, incredibly, eats it all up.

In light of what had happened hours earlier, though, one part sticks out. Beck does a sneering impression of people who say the GOP ought to be a 'big tent.' Apparently he's in agreement with this guy, who had a similar message:

I'm having a hard time deciding which part was funnier- his pseudo-philosophical rant about how allowing gay people to marry each other is a violation of natural law, or his reaction to being booed. "Bring it, bring it... I love it! You have made an enemy here tonight." God forbid they make an enemy of Captain Homophobe and the 'Failed Philosophy 101' Gang.

It's nice that even CPAC attendees weren't having any of it, although I'd bet that's due to how Sorba violated a key rule of modern conservatism- never directly antagonize the groups you're looking to oppress. He's supposed to frame it within slippery slope arguments or as defense against an assault on "traditional values," not as an attack on gay and lesbian men and women. Better luck next time, guy!

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