Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 Dimensional Chess

Rep. Anthony Weiner:
“I’m not sure what we’re doing, and I’m pretty tied in.”
As you may have guessed, he did not get an invitation to today's bipartisan summit.


  1. @JJ so...fucking...angry...damn right noone knows what they are doing or apparently saying.

    i am watching this back and forth and i feel like the statement of a government official (i am not going to name names but when sen. jon kyl says this) saying washington should not be in charge of mandating healthcare is so ironic it not only trumps JN's incredible hatred of native americans but punches a hole in the universe so large that we will not need health insurance due to us all being sucked into this inescapable void that has been created here on earth by these words.

  2. @nimsofa: I've been catching bits of it here and there but that Kyl quote sounds amazing.

    Somebody had a similar quote about the Bush administration that Republicans have always argued that government can't accomplish anything and then spent 8 years proving themselves right.