Friday, February 5, 2010

The Train of Thought Lounge : Snowpocalypse II : Electric Boogaloo Edition

You know, with all the heavy politics, and CAPS mania spreading across the district, our blog has forgotten about the little things that matter most. Spending time with family, sharing a beer with friends, and of course the DC tradition of freaking out and abandoning all sanity during snow storms.

According to the weather reports, DC is expected to recieve upwards of 16 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. Panic mode has set in within the District and we must fend for ourselves.

So to ease the tension, I present this classic from my days in high school. Some of you may remember the one-time collaboration group known as Stardust and their hit "The Music Sounds Better With You." Built off of a sample of Chakha Kahn's "Fate", the track ventures into some blissful house and funk melodies while the bass line keeps you grooving. Enjoy, definitely one of my favorites over the years:


  1. hmmm, I just noticed that all my posts have "Quincy Jones" as part of the tag....I'll try to fix that later.

    Jonesy-expect this track on your birthday

  2. yay, the lounge returns. btw it's 20-30+ inches now.