Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Is The Opposition?! February 2010 Edition

From the Washington Post- “Democrats' plan: Force GOP to go on the record.”

The Daily Show also has a good montage of various Republican politicians and pundits talking about how being asked to explain their health care reform ideas is a trap. The crazy thing here is that it absolutely is. Every single person involved, from Obama to Limbaugh to John Boehner, knows full well that the Republicans have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If asked, they give a quick talking point about tort reform and change the subject. The first anniversary of the march towards HCR is coming up, and all the Republicans have managed to do in that time is wave empty packets of paper at Obama during his speech and get their preliminary proposal torn to shreds by the CBO. Crying about how Democrats have locked them out of the process scores some points on TV news, but being told to put up or shut up clearly scares the shit out of them.

Still, it would be nice if we had a killer alternative bill to push, instead of the watered-down trainwreck we’re left with after months of compromising with the worst senators in America.

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