Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There is seriously nothing greater then when conservatives try to reach out to those under the age of 50. Introducing XPAC:
Both Thursday and Friday evenings this week, if you’re attending CPAC, or are in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware areas, you are invited to enjoy “Epic Nites.”

On Thursday night, Stephen Baldwin will conduct an insightful conversation between Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros and Sarah Huckabee over the future of the GOP, the ideas of conservatism, women in politics, and the outlook for the nation. The “10 questions with Stevie B” is something worth making room in your schedule for. Gov. Mike Huckabee will be making a special appearance, and several additional surprises also await.

Michael Steele! Brit Hume! Stephen Baldwin! You know, the people your kids keep talking about! Wait... did they say additional surprises?
"We're gonna have the most popular games. There'll be Guitar Hero. There'll be Dance Revolution. There'll be Call of Duty," said Kevin McCullough, the radio host who created the XPAC Lounge with actor Stephen Baldwin .

"I wouldn't be surprised if somebody of Joe-the-Plumber stature came in three times a day to come in and rally the kids," CPAC spokesman Ian Walters said.
Somebody of Joe-the-Plumber stature? You mean someone else pretending to be a plumber might show up? XTREME!!!!! Any other heroes of the conservative movement plan on attending?
McCullough said young conservatives are plenty capable of being active in the movement, particularly with new media. He said they just need to be "empowered."

He cited James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, activists both in their 20s known for their ACORN sting operation last year. The activists dressed up as a pimp and prostitute and used hidden cameras to capture ACORN workers at offices across the country offering them tax advice.

O'Keefe has since been arrested and charged in an alleged plot to tamper with the phone system in Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office. But McCullough said both O'Keefe and Giles will be honored with the "XPAC Annual Award for Impact" this weekend -- it's an award aimed at activists under 30 who did not "wait their turn in line" to make a difference, he said.

Giles is scheduled to attend. O'Keefe has been ordered by a judge to temporarily stay with his parents in New Jersey.
Nothing says "not waiting their turn to make a difference" like wiretapping a senator's phone! RADICAL!

But if James O'Keefe's facing prison time didn't give the event enough street cred, Friday Night is for you:
11pm – XPAC “Late Night” – “Music Jam”
sponsored by Parcbench.com
LIVE MUSIC PLUS Special performances by:
Rappers: Hi-Caliber, Young Cons*, and many more!
A "music jam" with Hi-Caliber and Young Cons? Ok... now that $15 entrance fee makes sense. I guess with Sarah Palin out of their price range they had to perpetuate the conservative welfare state somehow. Seriously though, I'm sure Hi-Caliber and Young Cons have no trouble finding work during the 364 days a year that don't include Teabagger youth conferences.

And one last note, in case you want to crappily astroturf your own youth conference:
Brought to you by the GNARLY work of Stephen Baldwin & Kevin McCullough: Xtreme Media, Baldwin/McCullough Radio & Parcbench Media
Teabaggers, please, don't ever stop.

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