Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Health Summit Positives

I can't be totally against the bipartisan health care and ponies summit if it gave us this picture: (via)

Cantor seems to be kicking things off well:
Cantor throws cold water on health summit, tells Stephanopoulos "there can't be" a deal with ObamaCare on the table.

"The president insists on bringing back a bill that the American people have resoundingly rejected."
Sounds productive already! Maybe if we adopted preemptively adopted Paul Ryan's edgy abolish medicare and social security plan they'd think we're cool! That's what this is about, right?


  1. im really curious about what the republicans are gonna do at the summit- just talk about tort reform for like 4 hours? hopefully they'll bring lots of crazy graphs and fake statistics to back up their case

  2. I wonder if the "Eric Cantor is a Douche" tag will recur with the same frequency as "Evan Bayh sucks"

  3. @JN: Yeah, I mean this will be fairly absurd political theater, and that's the only thing that's keeping me from insanity about it right now. Hopefully that picture of Eric Cantor holding a stack of paper is only the beginning.

    @Jacob: There will definitely be more use of the Eric Cantor is a Douche tag, as well as another new tag about the other half of the house gop leadership that I'll probably break out tomorrow.