Thursday, November 5, 2009

Train of Thought Film Vault- 25th Hour

   Greetings my friends, I return to the blog some 5 months after my last post.  To ease back into the blogging scene, I present to you the latest installment from the ToT Film Vault – Bryan Cox’s speech to Ed Norton’s character in the final scene of Spike Lee’s 25th Hour.  Watch it, take it in, and admire the power of Terrance Blanchard’s score mixed with Lee’s vision of a New Americana…


    On the blog front, I am using this post to test some new software for the website, so please comment on whether the layout and video embedding looks normal.  If anyone has any experience with Windows 7 Live Writer, let me know.  So far the tech seems to work better in editing and overall formatting for the blog.


  1. whoa, welcome back rb. your post looks fine- tell me more about how you posted it. can you bypass the godawful interface entirely when composing posts?

    didnt watch the clip because i havent seen the movie, is that one i should add to the list?

  2. Great to have you back rb, and such a great scene.

    @JN- This needs to be on the list, it's a really great movie.

  3. JN,
    I used Windows Live Writer. Its a 3rd party program that imports our settings, formatting options (colors, layout, etc) onto an editable template that looks like the final version as you type.

    When you want to insert an article, video, or whatever, you just click the button like in MSWord and go for the url. Then, all text formatting options like bolding, emphasis, tabbing is exactly how you'd do in Word.

    So far so good, I'm going to tinker around with some more options when I start my "Docket Watch" series about pending Supreme Court cases.