Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day Preview - Liveblog 10 PM Tonight

Crazed shouts of ACORN! and VOTER FRAUD! are ringing out across the wingnut universe, so it must be an election day.

Races to watch tonight:

New York District 23
Hoffman Vs. Owens

Hoffman is a full blown teabagger who forced the Republican out of the race. The Republican then endorsed Owens, a crappy blue dog Democrat.

No tears shed if a blue dog loses their job, and a teabagger win could plunge the Republicans in a full on crazy vs. less crazy civil war. A Hoffman win could be lots of fun, and maybe the Democrats could run somebody less sucky next time.

Maine Prop 1

Would ban gay marriage in the state if passed.

The Joe Buck Disgusting Act of the Week goes to Organizing for America, who didn't mention voting no on this in their Get out the vote email. Fucking weak.

New Jersey Governor
Jon Corzine vs. Chris "Doug" Christie

Corzine a good candidate and is fairly progressive on a lot of issues.

Apparently a major issue in the campaign has been how fat Chris Christie is. Our discourse is so fucking stupid.

Virginia Governor
Creigh Deeds vs Bob McDonnell
Bob McDonnell said that working women were "detrimental" to the family and opposes contraception. Jesus.

Creigh Deeds railed against cap and trade, opposes the Employee Free Choice Act and said he'd look into opting out of the public option if he had the chance. Fuck him. He is what's wrong with the Democratic Party, and having depressed his base into oblivion, he will lose. It's good to know that both candidates for Governor ran on platforms of taking Virginia back into the 1800s.

Remember that if a Republican wins in Virginia, Obama loses the 2012 election, and if a Democrat wins in New Jersey, it's because they cheated. It was a banner day for journalism at the Wall Street Journal!

Follow the results with a LIVEBLOG tonight at 10 PM!


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  1. really hope that maine thing works out, would be nice to have some good news after all the prop 8 nonsense last year.

  2. I'm with you on your analysis of Hoffman v. Owens. Bring on civil war among the R's! It's so fun and it makes them lose.

    I'd also add Ref. 71 in WA state to your list. In that case we want a "yes" as opposed to Maine's NoOnOne.

  3. PS. I want the live blog to start now.