Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glenn Beck Insanity Theater- NY-23 Edition

Tonight we’re going to see a very special election take place in upstate New York- a battle between a conservative Democrat and a Conservative Party candidate. The Republican candidate, who seems to have been the most liberal of the three, dropped out and endorsed the Democrat a few days ago. Meanwhile all sorts of horrible Republican villains have been popping out of the woodwork to endorse the Conservative, a creepy guy who has been slammed for being openly disinterested in local issues.

Right now it looks like the Conservative, Hoffman, has a slight lead. It’s hard to say what the result of a Hoffman win would be- perhaps it would aid the ‘America now hates Democrats’ narrative? But it would also be an encouraging signal to the Tea Party forces, which have turned openly hostile towards the Republican Party. A Tea-fueled third party attacking the Republicans from the right in 2010 is pretty much the best thing that could happen to the Democrats, potentially saving them even if the economy is still looking sub-par next year. On the other hand, if Owens (the Democrat) wins then we’ll just have another appallingly terrible conservative Democrat to deal with.

Glenn Beck charged right into the center of this, encouraging his viewers to vote for Hoffman and ranting about how ACORN endorsed Owens. This clip from his show is long but a good showcase for a good ol’ harangue followed by an interview with the eerie Hoffman:

Ah, I’ve got it now! Hoffman reminds me of the dog that stares at cupcakes- the same haunted expression and odd pauses.

Tonight should be interesting, one way or the other- feel free to stop by later when we set up another liveblog event (10 PM, BE THERE! DO IT!).

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