Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Back on the (Band)wagon

I wish I were strong enough to refrain from getting all giddy once the Redskins win one measly little game. I honestly wish I could sit here and tell you that I wasn't as pumped as I've ever been for our matchup with our arch-rivals, the Dallas C*wb*ys. I really do.

Unfortunately, being extremely weak-willed is part of being a sports fan. Also, things like "logic" and "reason" normally go out the window, too. The thing is, the Redskins are just in my blood and I can't quit them. I can get fed up with them, be embarrassed by them, hate their ownership and their decision-making, but I cannot give them up. The Redskins are a part of me and in my delusional brain, I'm also a part of the Redskins.

So, as I do nearly every Dallas Week, I've suspended any rational thought and remain in high hopes that we can defeat the C*wb*ys, even if they are the better team. Any win over hated Dallas is sweet; but if we were to beat them in our first game at their sparkly new gargantuan stadium with this wretched lineup, it would be downright mortifying for them. And while I'm only hoping against hope here, Dallas Week is Dallas Week and as a devoted Redskins fan I gotta do what I always do: hype myself into a frenzy and hope that the Skins do the same, whipping Dallas's ass in the process.

So Skins fans, go forth into this weekend, and get hyped.


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