Friday, November 6, 2009

Labor Considers Cutting Off the Douche Caucus

Something that should have happened a long, long time ago:

Organized labor, still battling to stop plans to pay for health care through taxing expensive plans -- but unwillin to flatly oppose reform -- will consider a plan to reduce its contributions to Democrats who don't side with them on the issue, a labor source said.

The federation's executive council will meet Monday in Washington to consider, among other things, "how to hold politicians more accountable to the workers that helped elect them," the source said, outlining a threat aimed primarily at the Blue Dog Democrats considering voting against a health reform package.

"One of the options is cutting off contributions to politicians who aren't supporting the issues that workers care about," he said.

The suggestion is based on a Sheet Metal Workers' decision to stop giving money to politicians in favor of dedicating it to the issue campaign for health care legislation.

As someone who works in organized labor, Labor's allegiance to the democratic party regardless of their actions has always driven me insane

This a good start, but at the end of the day, organized labor's value is not in the monetary contributions they make. Unlike organizations like the Chamber of Commerce that are bankrolled with corporate cash, unions represent millions of actual people, who knock on doors, make phone calls and turn out the vote. A much stronger stand is threatening to withhold endorsements, which would stop electoral work, and put lots of shitty congressmen and senators out of their jobs.


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