Saturday, November 14, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: A Brighter Tomorrow

Today we have a quick field trip to a Free Republic thread where they’re hoping for a better, whiter tomorrow. The GOP victories in Virginia and New Jersey have buoyed their spirits, and now the imminent release of “Going Rogue: An American Life” gives them an excuse to talk about their favorite person in the world: Jesus Sarah Palin.

Night Hides Not admires Palin for her tactical genius, a true Alaskan Zhuge Liang:

What a brilliant stroke by Sarah! Bringing her book out, and giving a bunch of interviews during sweeps month.
Releasing her book during a random November- brilliant! I heard she also successfully dressed herself this morning- what a stunning intellect! Kartographer knows exactly what she should do next:

She needs a solid conservative mentor, her Dick Channy if you will and I can't think of no one better to be her mentor and her 'hatchman'.
Hahahaha god yes, please team her up with the most unpopular politician in American history. Bush/Cheney ended with the Republican party in flames- Palin/Cheney would likely end with the surviving Republican politicians ruthlessly hunted across the globe and the names of Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Cheney, and Palin stricken from the records of our time. Kartographer makes a second appearance to clarify his earlier remarks:

I meant her Dick Cheney; with an ‘e’! LOL never try and type while eating fajitas! :-)
“Wrong letter, sorry guys. My terrible idea, though? Yeah that one still stands.” US Navy Vet tries to decide the composition of the perfect Freep government:

Mark Levin=AG
Sheriff Joe=Homeland “Security”
If I had to single out one part of that as the funniest selection, I think it’s the idea that elevating Sheriff Joe to the federal level is a good idea. He’s already going nuts shitting on the law and making a mockery of justice, why don’t we see if giving him incredible power will level him out? Virginia Ridgerunner announces that she can envision an even more catastrophic government:

Palin/Bachmann 2012, with Fred Thompson as Chief of Staff, Duncan Hunter as Secretary of Defense, John Bolton as Secretary of State, and Tom Tancredo as Secretary of Homeland Defense.
The upside here is that any veteran would have the ability to troll our new Secretary of Homeland Defense right out of the building in seconds. The downside is that the rest of America would be reduced to Mad Max-style anarchy in barren, desolate caricatures of the places we now know. Finally, Vinnie has the idea that ends the entire debate:

Heck, I could go with..

Palin/Palin 2012
Palin for everything! Vote straight ticket Palin! Write-in candidate for all local offices: Palin! All hail Palin!


  1. Todd as VP? That might just work. A husband and wife ticket. Look out 2012. You just went nuclear

  2. I'd prefer if the ticket included tripppp or taggg or blanket or whatever the hell that other kid's name is.

  3. I read earlier H-Rod wants to meet her. I can't imagine what the conversation between Clinton and Palin would look like, but I'd watch.