Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who could have imagined?

What this blog wrote about Joe Lieberman being allowed to keep his Homeland Security Committee Chairmanship back in November:
When the top rec listed diaries on Dailykos are titled "Lieberman vote IS the change we need, not its repudiation" and "Revenge, Dean had it right", it's enough give you serious pause.

I frankly don't care that two people who a greatly respect like Howard Dean and Barack Obama think that this was the right way to handle this situation. It isn't. In this case, they are wrong. It shouldn't matter who they are, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. But they are wrong. And they can say that it's about revenge and bipartisanship all they want, but I'm sure even they know that's not true. It's about investigating Hurricane Katrina, and it's about stopping someone who says you hang out with terrorists a platform to speak for you and your party. Competent governance and allowing someone to spread lies under your banner are bigger issues than something as petty as "revenge". The worst part in all of this is that defending people blindly when they are wrong shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how politics works, and reminds those leaders exactly why they didn't listen to you in the first place.
Tuesday, Jane Hamsher:
One, Two, Three, Let’s All Say It Together...

From the Hill:

Lieberman, the self-described independent Democrat who questioned Obama’s credentials to serve as commander in chief during the 2008 campaign, has panned the Obama administration’s proposal to cut the nation’s missile defense shield.

Lieberman’s opposition is problematic for the Obama administration because he is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, the panel charged with assessing threats to the nation.

My feelings exactly. This would be an "I told you so post" if it wasn't so blatantly obvious that this would be the outcome of empowering Lieberman back in November. We gave a self serving douche power... AND HE'S ACTING LIKE A SELF SERVING DOUCHE!?!?!?!? NO! NOT POSSIBLE!!!

And while opposing Obama on Missile defense isn't the end of the world, it's also just the first time of many that we'll be seeing this sentance in the paper:
Lieberman’s opposition is problematic for the Obama administration because he is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee
I'd say I can't wait till 2012, but I'm sure by then Reid and Obama will be bending over backwards getting every popular Democrat to hit the campaign trail for him. You'd think there would be only so many times you could screw someone over or call them a terrorist before they fight back, but apparently not.

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  1. god i hope lamont can be convinced to give it another go in three years.