Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rick Warren Refuses to be Tempted

This is completely normal behavior: (via Pandagon)

Hugh Hewitt: You have stayed above scandal. Thank you for that, because so many Christian pastors, you know what happens when this happens, and we could name 30 of them, the damage they do.

Rick Warren: Yeah, I keep a list.

HH: You keep a list?

RW: Actually, I have what, Hugh, I’ve had it for almost 40 years. I call it a warnings file. And every time I watch somebody, and Satan has no temptations that are new. It’s either money, sex or power. It’s lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, the pride of life, and you have to know the antidotes, and you have to set up the parameters that keep you from even being tempted in those areas, which means for instance, I’m never alone, ever, ever alone with a woman, or even my myself when I’m traveling.

I guess an interview that isn't done by Hugh Hewitt probably would have followed up on why he needs to be kept from being alone with women or himself... but I think I'm happier not knowing.

What a creep.


  1. that's how it always starts. one minute you are alone with a woman. the next you are hijacking a Boewing 747 en route to Mexico. Smuggling cocaine, and child pronagraphy, with your wife and kids tied up in the cockpit. holding a semi-automatic weapon to the back of the pilot's head while he pleads with you to please let him land the plane before ice freezes the engine and everyone dies in a horrible crash!...its good to make lists...

  2. "LOOK MA, NO HANDS!!!!"

    : ) : 8

  3. @6.54 I don't think lying is one of the ten commandments. I think he is in the clear.

  4. @6.54: Is this like Bill Clinton in the primary, forgetting that people can easily look up things that they did or didn't do?

    @Nimsofa: Isn't bearing false witness supposed to be about lying? I'm no bible expert but I thought that was one of its meanings.

  5. @JJ As a theologian with a Phd, I must disagree. It gets a bit iffy after "You shall not". Really could go either way.

  6. Since I was confused about whether the pope recently made up ten new commandments or just seven new deadly sins, I looked up the text on Wikipedia. Turns out: complicated as all balls. There are apparently at least fourteen commandments. But the article does claim that lying is forbidden by the "don't bear false witness against your neighbor" commandment.

    What the hell? What the hell to all of this.