Sunday, April 26, 2009

Train of Thought - Summer Heat Wave Explosion

Greetings Friends;
For those in the DC area, I hope you are all enjoying the current heat wave. As a gift to those suffering from allergies, and the early week drag I present some uplifting, thumping summer trance to get you motivated.

I meant to do a post last week about Armin Van Buren's A State of Trance episode 400 72 hour straight webcast, but was unable to. It was good, DAMN good though. This track I'm posting was one of the highlights, and has become my early summer fight song. Enjoy Sander Van Doorn's Mix 2 of The Killers' Spaceman. If the build-up is too much, skip ahead to the 1:50 minute mark.


  1. eh i'm more of an eastern-european winter rock crypto-trance fan, myself.

  2. Dr. Spaceman! Dr. Spaceman!

    I am definitely one of those suffereing big time at the hands of merciless D.C. pollen - this hypno-trance groove will serve as the perfect combatant to wonton eye & sinus irritants. i wish we could send pollen to the old Guantanamo and go all George Bush on that ass.