Friday, April 3, 2009

Douche Caucus Springs into Action!

What's the first bill taken up the band of Douches?

Voting with Republicans to lower taxes for the super rich!
The senate voted yesterday to pass, 51-48, the Lincoln-Kyl amendment to lower the estate tax. It's essentially a $250 billion giveaway to people whose estates are worth more than $7 million. The various mid-western Democrats who supported it will undoubtedly claim this about all those small family farmers who amass large fortunes, but only .02 percent of the bills costs will actually go to those fortunate agrifamilies. Most just goes to the massively wealthy. You know, like investment bankers. Every single senate Republican voted for the amendment, along with nine Democrats, most in the "moderate" caucus of no policy positions: Bayh, Baucus, Cantwell, Landrieu, Lincoln, Murray, the Nelsons, and Tester.
Harry Reid, a few days ago:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that liberal groups targeting moderate Democrats with ads should back off, saying pressure from the left wing of his party won't be helpful to enacting legislation.

"I think it's very unwise and not helpful," Reid said Friday morning. "These groups should leave them alone. It’s not helpful to me. It’s not helpful to the Democratic Caucus.”
Those damn "liberal groups"! Cause it's clearly them that's hurting the Democratic Caucus, not you know, the nine democrats who voted with the Republicans to cut taxes for the super rich!

Well at least now we can add "tax cuts for the super rich" along with "being pragmatic" and "putting country over party" as reasons for the group's existence. Who knows what bold and mavericky issue they'll tackle next?


  1. please tell me there are plans in the works for a group of badass senators to form the Foot-Up-Your-Ass Coalition... because that's the only way i see these weasels being held in check

  2. Douche Caucus springing into action would make a really good comic book. Their super powers can be destroying all progress towards decent legislation and also the ability to directly benefit their enemies in congress (who are actually their allies? good plot twist there IMO)

  3. Instead of Douche Caucus springing into action, I prefer the idea of the senators combining powers and assembling DoucheTron (a la Power Rangers, among others. Captain Planet also comes to mind).

  4. Thunder...thunder...

  5. Captain Douche? Although funny, I think John Kerry already has the rights to that name. On the other hand, I think douche-e-teers is still up for grabs. However, Bobby Jindal may protest for having the lamest douche power: scent of heart.