Sunday, April 12, 2009

Train of Thought Field Trip: Free Republic Revisits China

Real life has been taking up a lot of my time lately- in lieu of writing the next entry in the Conservative Movie series we’ll go on a quick field trip instead. A few months ago we gasped in horror at the grim spectacle of freepers talking about China (racism and general ignorance ruled the day- who would have thought?!), and now it’s time to head over there once more. A quick keyword search for “China” revealed that these guys haven’t learned much since our first visit:

First comes this thread, about how a jihadist journal has urged the Uyghur people of Xinjiang province to make war on the Chinese government. That isn’t a particularly surprising call given that Xinjiang is already pretty restless, although nationalism has traditionally been a far bigger motivator than religion over there. Who will freepers side with, the ~*Communist*~ Party of China or the (Muslim) insurgents trying to reclaim their homeland? Vladimir998 solves this conundrum immediately:
I’m no fan of the Chi-coms, but I have to admit
that they know how to deal with jihadists.
They kill them.
Are you fighting against an occupying power that persecutes you constantly and plans to use the magical power of demographics to erase your home forever? If so congratulations, you deserve death! I get the feeling HiTech RedNeck wishes we could be more like the Chinese government:
Sometimes the Chinese also torture them.
All of our problems would melt away if we could just torture like the Chinese do. Markos33 continues this wistful train of thought:
The ChiComs won’t play around with the towel
heads... they’ll send them to meet their virgins.
UGH WHY CAN’T WE JUST DITCH HUMAN RIGHTS AND KILL ANYONE WHO OPPOSES US? Mathurine somehow gets every single fact backwards:
Why would anyone do that to the lovable and
engaging mohammedan terrorists? All they want to
do is live peacefully with the people they
subjugate, whilst beheading your occasional
Just to be clear, this guy writes in support of an authoritarian government which has subjugated an unwilling population and kills them for any reason or no reason whatsoever- and this is acceptable to him because they’re Muslim. Not content with swooning over the deaths of Muslims in just one thread, this one describes the execution of two Uyghur men found guilty of killing policemen last summer. Presumably freepers are aware that even “kangaroo court” is far too kind a term to use on Chinese courts, and the article also mentions that the government has sentenced two Tibetans to death for the riots last year. Will sham trials and dead Tibetans change the minds of our freeping friends? AM by beef doesn’t think so:
You have to give them credit for administering
swift justice, something we only give lip service
to. I also like their method. Fast, practical, no nonsense.
Ahahaha “justice,” that’s great. Niuhuru agrees:
I admire it too. Say what you will, their
government treats criminal filth like criminals.
Evidence, fair trial, jury of peers? All these things do is get in the way of summarily executing people you don’t like- a method which freepers apparently find preferable. Finally we visit this thread, where the news that China has developed an anti-aircraft carrier missile riles up the (admittedly easily-riled) posting populace. Wuli really ought to change his handle, sounds like he might be a you-know-what:
Great news, particularly coming on the day that
Gates, the defense secretary, is about to tell
us all the weapons systems programs he wants to
end or cut back, in line with the blind belief
that “asymmetric”wars like Afghanistan are all we
need worry about.
Yeah, the news that the Chinese have developed a carrier-killing missile means we should spend more money on weapons to fight symmetrical wars- like aircraft, and maybe some carriers to carry them with! Maybe the Chinese will just eventually get sick of sinking them and surrender. SunkenCiv has an easy, practical solution:
Dropping an asteroid on ‘em would pretty much
fix all these problems. Smaller ‘roids would
fix each of the 56 or 57 Muzzie states.
To be serious for a moment: people like SunkenCiv are the reason why we (as a species) can’t have nice things. WYKayaker comes out of left field at the last minute to secure the Field Trip Award For Outstanding Achievements In The Field Of Incoherent Posting, an award I’ll be giving out once per update if any posts have sufficient merit:
I don't fear the enemy in my sights! It's the
poseur in the White House, with all the ACORN
goons and Socialists Washington Pols, who are
most to be feared.
China will be just as strong next year.
I doubt we will be...
A thread over there really isn’t complete until someone finds an ACORN connection. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t manage to explicitly link the anti-carrier missile with ACORN- the existence of these two completely unrelated things can’t be a coincidence!

Will Free Republic ever throw off the shackles of racism and rampant stupidity? Maybe we’ll find out next time.


  1. Greg Brecher had a tight article on Alternet a few weeks ago about that anti-carrier missile. He goes a little wild over the point, but this money quote is hard to answer:

    "You know why that's an understatement? Because of a short little sentence I found further on in the article -- and before you read that sentence, I want all you trusting Pentagon groupies to promise me that you'll think hard about what it implies. Here's the sentence: "Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack."

    That's right: no defense at all. The truth is that they have very feeble defenses against any attack with anything more modern than cannon. I've argued before no carrier group would survive a saturation attack by huge numbers of low-value attackers, whether they're Persians in Cessnas and cigar boats or mass-produced Chinese cruise missiles.

    But at least you could look at the missile tubes and Phalanx gatlings and pretend that you were safe. But there is no defense, none at all, against something as obvious as a ballistic missile."

  2. Hi JJ,

    Just to mention that China is not an uncivillised state or such blatant and "loose cannon-type" as you make them out to be. Althoough certain part of their criminal justice system may fall-short of modern and developed countries standard, nevertheless they have execute justice in a fair, just and appropriate manner fitting with normal human rights standard.In fact she is an ancient superpowers right up to mid - 19th Century. Just because she is weak end of 19th Century to mid 20th century meant that she did not have a certain conception of a rule of law. Further one does not have to go any further - is American law really just? If so Spain has no business to put a few past - Bush's man including Dick Cheney on trial on violation of human right in the Guantanamo camp. The answer is simple: clear the log in one eye first before you speak of a speak in another person eye (Biblical book of Matthew). Further, US has no business whatsoever to determine what kind of defence toys China want to have or what kind of defence spending she is allocating. Anyway her spending is just about 10% of US. So, what's the worry?

  3. A thread over there really isn’t complete until someone finds an ACORN connection. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t manage to explicitly link the anti-carrier missile with ACORN- the existence of these two completely unrelated things can’t be a coincidence!

    I think this should be some sort of game, where you follow random threads on free republic and wait for the first ACORN mention.

    @anon: J.N. wrote this post, not me.

    @6.54: I feel like civilization(the videogame) logic takes place at a higher level of our government than I'm comfortable with. Was there anything above aircraft carriers in that game?