Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Train of Thought Lounge: Fiona Apple & Elvis Costello

I've been really feeling unlikely collaborations and cross-genre covers, as I've highlighted in this space before. Well, here goes another one, this time from tortured-soul songstress Fiona Apple and rock-and-roll icon Elvis Costello.

Apple's haunting piano compositions made me a fan of hers, with "Tidal," "When The Pawn Hits...," and "Extraordinary Machine" all in heavy rotation in my iTunes library. She hit huge commercial success with the song "Criminal" in the mid-90's, but I feel like people were more obsessed with its risque music video. She sort of faded from the public eye after that but she is not a one-hit wonder pop artist, she is a damn good singer-songwriter.

I'm unfortunately not as familiar with as much of Costello's catalog, but after hearing this song, I'll definitely need to get up to speed. This video features the two of them performing the song live, with Apple providing the vocals for Costello's composition. I swear, if I ever wrote a song this good, I would walk around carrying a giant radio blasting it like that guy in Say Anything, forcing everyone to listen to it at all times.


Fiona Apple & Elvis Costello - I Want You

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  1. Man, that song is really tight – and it actually fits with Costello's lyrical themes, if not his usual sound. I'm a big fan of the album This Year's Model, particularly the first song, "No Action."