Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clinton's Speech

Anyone have strong feelings about Hillary's speech last night? Almost everyone in the press (virtual, print & televised) seems to be loving it – and it was a great speech – but I wasn't as moved as I was by her concession speech back in June. Then again, I saw the concession speech as unequivocally supporting Obama, which most of the media did not for some reason.

"Were you in this campaign just for me?" is exactly right, though.

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  1. I thought last night's speech was good, and it did what it needed to do. I'll agree with you that it wasn't close to as good as her concession speech, which sounds better every time I hear it and the closer I come to forgetting her playing along with her supporters chants of "Denver! Denver!" 4 nights earlier. By the way, when you read some of these hardcore Hillary supporters and why they won't get behind Obama, we shouldn't discount that crap that she pulled as a factor in riling up these lunatics.

    I'm of the mind that any Hillary supporter who won't vote for Obama after a speech like last night's just isn't going to be convinced, no matter what he says/does.(see post above that I just wrote, sorry for the bump)

    If we get all the rational Hillary supporters that's fine with me, and I think last night combined with her concession speech should be enough to put them in his camp.

    The "were you in this just for me" line is absolutely brilliant, and by far the best section of the speech. Not only does it put everything in perspective, but it hints at what it takes to be an actual movement. That mentality is problematic and a menace in the progressive movement, no matter what candidate benefits from it.