Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama: Child murderer, or serial child murderer?

Time passes, seasons change, only one thing has been truly inevitable lately: absurdist revelations about Senator Obama.

With the terrifying specter of President Hillary Clinton finally fading from their nightmares, conservatives across the nation have united and brought their greatest weapon to bear against the Democratic nominee. Hack writers attempting to one-up each other in the category of “most stylish character assassination” have opened the floodgates and saturated the market with increasingly dire warnings about the impending destruction of America at the hands of Barack HUSSEINMCMUSLIM Obama.

Jerome Corsi has been chief amongst these writers lately, touting his latest work of art: “Obama Nation.” If Corsi sounds familiar, you may remember him from his work as the co-author of “Unfit for Command: John Kerry is the King of Faggots.” If the second part of that book title sounds strange to you, please do check out some of Corsi’s comments on Free Republic. One of his greatest hits, courtesy of Media Matters:

Isn't the Democratic Party the official SODOMIZER PROTECTION ASSOCIATION of AMERICA -- oh, I forgot, it was just an accident that Clintoon's first act in
office was to promote "gays in the military." RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as
clearly as they are Women-Haters -- it all goes together.

I’ve been completely unable to pick one part of that to make fun of, so we’re just going to have to let it speak for itself. I actually had the pleasure of hearing Corsi make his case on the Hannity Show this Saturday. I tuned in just in time to hear Corsi explain that Obama learned about the Israel/Palestine conflict from someone who called the foundation of Israel The Nakba, Arabic for “The Catastrophe.” I’m fairly sure I would call it a catastrophe if a bunch of guys showed up here and destroyed the state of Maryland in order to form a country I was very explicitly not a part of, but according to Corsi that probably makes me a 'raghead' or something.

I missed the best part of the interview, though. Again referring to Media Matters:

CORSI: Exactly, even extensively looking back at his record when he was in the
state legislature in Illinois. His completely pro-abortion position, his --
HANNITY: Even if a child was born.
CORSI: Even if a child was born, he
said the woman still had the right to kill the child in an abortion.
HANNITY: Unbelievable.

Maybe ‘unbelievable’ in the sense that one would have to be completely brain-dead to believe that? No, what am I saying, of course Barack Obama supports killing children! Any time, any reason, no questions asked. I hear Obama doesn’t consider it a party until he’s amassed enough child-bodies to build a life-sized replica of Stonehenge, which he then uses to divine various other suicidally stupid legislative positions. Of course when he kills these children he gains their power, which is why no one has ever noticed him OPENLY SUPPORTING CHILD-MURDER until Corsi somehow stumbled upon this previously-ignored campaign-destroying nugget. Great job, Jerry!

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  1. My personal favorite from the link:
    "I think because of this cult of personality and the attempt to say all these issues are off the table. As I point out in the book, presidential campaigns are about issues, and Obama's past is a character issue. And it shows that the leftist training and background that he had -- going back to Malcolm X and all the other associations that readings, studying that Obama tells us was formative -- this is what produces his radical anti-abortion position -- his radical pro-abortion position, anti-life, you know, supporting even late-term, induced abortions where the baby lives. Obama's on record as let's kill the baby if that's what the mother wants. Anti-Second Amendment, pro-taxes, leftist military -- anti-military policy, where Obama has been steadfastly anti-war."

    This guy is a walking talking free republic comment thread.