Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Train of Thought Lounge: Tokyo Police Club

Hello all. Today's installment of The Train of Thought Lounge features a Canadian band called Tokyo Police Club, if that isn't too confusing. They sound somewhat like a cross between Bloc Party and The Decemberists, their songs mainly consisting of frenetic, two-and-a-half minute pop-powered energy bursts. I really was put on to this band, quite simply, because of its name. I thought it sounded cool. Luckily, out of a slew of indie bands with avant garde names (Feist, Spoon and Vampire Weekend come to mind), Tokyo Police Club live up to the anticipation with a refreshing sound.

Here they are live on the David Letterman Show performing "Nature Of The Experiment" off of 2006's "A Lesson In Crime" album. The band has subsequently released "Elephant Shell" in 2008.

Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment


  1. have you heard of a band called "Stars"?

  2. nah i haven't, do they sound similar?

  3. not really. but they are another band from that indie canadian pop music genre.

  4. i checked out some their 30 second preview jaunts on itunes. i like it, not quite as energetic as TPC, but good. i'm really on a nerdy indie rock/old school DC hardcore kick right now (read: fugazi, minor threat, and of course muthafuckin BAD BRAINS)