Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get well, Ted

Horrible news yesterday. For all the writing I do about the problems of the democratic party, it's worth pointing out that Ted Kennedy has been and continues to be one of the truly great leaders for progressive causes in our government today. My dad always points out that after all his family has gone through, he could have moved to an island somewhere and no one would have blamed him one bit. Instead, he chose to work his ass off and fight like hell for what he believed in, and for that we can't be grateful enough. He's someone I've always admired tremendously, and this news hits really hard. Get well soon Ted, our thoughts are with you.

1 comment:

  1. it's amazing.

    i never knew ted was the youngest of the kennedys until now. or, if i did know, i often forgot. he's the closest remaining link to Bobby and JFK.

    i hope he gets well ASAP, and can retire to the carribbean island of his choice, as your dad said J, and can live out many, many more meaningful years.

    not to eulogize prematurely, but i am a little intoxicated. i get veclempt.