Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joke or no joke?

I mean, she seems serious, but this has to be a joke, doesn't it? The entire column, by a legitimate columnist at Talking Points Memo:
What If Hillary Clinton Returns to the Senate as Labor's Voice?

By Jo-Ann Mort - May 21, 2008, 11:19AM

If the tremendous--and deserved--outpouring for Senator Ted Kennedy's well-being shows anything, it shows the power of a savvy legislator who has a clear agenda and keeps at it for decades. As one of his congressional colleagues noted in the NYTimes today, not only has he stuck with his vision and has been one of the most successful-- if not most successful-- legislator in our time, but he's also hired excellent staff who have aided not only his efforts, but the broader progressive cause for decades.

Now, labor's lion, Senator Kennedy, is going through a critical personal struggle, just at a time when the union movement will need his stature to assist a President Obama to pass a progressive agenda for this nation.

Obama, if elected, will need a smart and effective senator as partner to garner support for key union issues like Employee Free Choice Act and health care reform.

Even if the Senate and House gain more Democratic seats, as is likely, the labor movement will need someone to pull their support together, to be on the stump and to be play the type of role that Senator Kennedy has played for decades. Senator Clinton could take all the support she gathered in this primary season and play a pivotal role in the Senate and could offer hope to all the working class Americans that she has been hawking on the campaign trail. There is no better response that she can offer her union and non-union supporters than returning to the Senate to legislate a pro-worker agenda. Think Roosevelt and Wagner.

I mean, looking at what she's written in the past few days: "Geraldine Ferraro's next move: Civil Rights activist?" and "John Terry: The closer" we should have known she'd lost her mind a bit. I know as Nick reminded me in the comments a couple of posts ago that anything is possible, but Hillary Clinton, labor activist? I just can't wrap my mind around that one in any way. I'd like to ask her(or anyone for that matter) to name one and only one bill or cause that Hillary Clinton has championed on behalf of the working class during her time as a senator. Hell, we can make it a bigger time period if that helps. Let's call it the "From her time serving on Walmart's board listening to their strategy sessions about busting unions to having a union buster as her most trusted adviser and chief strategist of her presidential campaign" era.

So no matter how legit her column may seem to be, it's just really hard to take it seriously. Sorry Jo Ann, I just can't do it. But do look out for next week's column: "Sound financial planning: The Pacman Jones way"

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  1. i don't know man, i was reading some of her other columns, "Why Isiah Got A Raw Deal" and "The Importance of Following the Rules: The Bill Belichick Story" and i think there's a slight, tiny chance that she may not know what she's talking about.