Friday, May 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton: you're done, son!

Dear Hillary, why won't you go away?

Contrary to common logic, your belief that you still have a chance to win the Democratic Party nomination is, how should I put this... wrong. You didn't win North Carolina. In fact, Obama's margin of victory in the state all but nullified the gains you made when you won Pennsylvania. Plus, you barely even won Indiana at a time when winning one out of these last two primaries would effectively end all hopes for you.

So please tell me why you refuse to end your campaign? Are you really telling me that you would ask superdelegates to overturn the popular vote and pledged delegate totals, which would in turn, destroy the Democratic Party? Oh wait, that may no longer even be possible seeing as how your once-commanding lead among superdelegates has disappeared. Sucks for you!

Finally, you must stop this incessant blabbering about how Florida and Michigan's votes should count now. Why wouldn't you say that now? Is it just a coincidence that you're losing? Let's not forget that these two states clearly broke the rules by having their primaries so early, refused to push them back after the DNC told them they would not count and didn't even put Obama's name on the ballot in one case.

I hope this letter finds you well and, you know, QUIT THE RACE! Give my best to Bill and Chelsea,

Sincerely, your favortie blogger's favorite blogger XOXO.


  1. The good news now about the results on tuesday is that although Hillary didn't concede, it seems like political press has finally decided that they can't keep up this charade. This week's cover of time stating Obama as the winner is as clear of a sign as ever that things have finally turnedcoverage wise.

    That also brings up an interesting question. How long does it take before the political media acknowledges something that is painfully obvious to anyone with common sense... or in this case, a calculator. It took them 2 and a half years to realize that Iraq wasn't a roaring success, and this primary was all but over two months ago.

    This would make a great bet for political junkies, media observers and gambling addicts alike! I'm gonna put the over under at February 2009 for when the media stops calling John McCain a "maverick".

    It may seem crazy to think that he isn't going to get torched on that bullshit during the presidential race... but remember, the biggest lie in the entire 2008 primary (the thesis of Hillary Clinton's campaign - her 35 years of experience claim) was never called out in a major way - and there was over a year to do so.

    Impossible is nothing.
    (In politics or media stupidity that is. Kobe's 3 point line dunk, is actually impossible, regardless of what that damn adidas commercial wants you to think. MVP my ass... but that's a story for another time. That asshole is making me utter words I never thought I'd hear leave my mouth: "Go Utah Jazz!")

  2. jesse brought up a good point in conversation today; that under campaign finance rules she can't get any money back that she loaned her own campaign out of pocket. so unless she wants to throw however many millions away (what, $10mil? $12 mil? something like that), she'll stay in the race.

    and yeah, never thought i'd root for utah either but i'm in the same boat as you.