Friday, May 30, 2008

Lies Lies LIES!

Nancy Pelosi: (Via Stoller)
''I almost wonder how anybody associated with this war, unless they were of completely different philosophy, would not come to the conclusion that this war is a grotesque mistake, that it was misrepresented from the start, not prepared for correctly,'' said Pelosi.

''This war is a big lie. It was a lie to begin with..and it continues to be a some point, maybe the lies just got to be too heavy for him to carry,'' she said of the former White House spokesman.
Great point Nancy, only if it wasn't coming from you. I wonder when the burden you're describing is gonna catch up with you for your own lies over the Iraq war. I mean, you didn't start this war, but you've had the power to end it since 2006, and have done nothing but lie to those who brought you into office on the promise of bringing that horrific war to a close. We all know why you don't want to use your power to end the war: you've decided it's better strategy to let more people die before 2009, because you think if you use your power to end it now, the republicans will call the democrats pussies during the next election cycle. And while that plan may win the election, it doesn't mean it isn't morally bankrupt. (And also, I have a funny feeling the republicans will call us pussies and commies no matter what we do, it's kind of their only card to play)

So as fun as say take a pot shot at Scott McClellan for being a liar with blood on his hands, just don't forget that what you're doing is that far off.

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