Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Dem Hate We

Just a reminder that it's not about our freedom, or because we're just too awesome. There are a lot of people around the world who don't like us because of this: (via balloon juice)


  1. weh dem hate we fah? only God he knows... seriously that graph is so very depressing though

  2. It's totally fucking inexplicable why our country allows this sort of behavior. I'd love to see a breakdown of civilian casualties by armed forces service branch – I'd guess that at least 90% of the casualties were caused by Air Force and Naval bombing.

    Not to defend North Korea on anything, but it remains a paranoid, agrarian society largely because Curtis LeMay unleashed more explosive power on that tiny country during the Korean War than the sum of every bomb used around the entire world in WWII. In addition to literally every major city and town in the whole country, the USAF even destroyed, in the very last days of the war, the dams that provided water and power to the country's only non-obliterated economic sector: agriculture. This completely flooded Pyongyang, destroying enough farmland to cause a massive famine, and eliminated any possible hope that North Koreans could rebuild their lives after the war. The country has never really recovered. No thanks, of course, to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. But it's not really a surprise that nuclear weapons – the only thing that could possibly prevent the USAF from doing it all over again – have long been a high priority for DPRK leadership.

    Again, no excuse for any of the shit they brought on themselves, particularly since the Korean War was literally started by Kim Il Sung as a war of aggression and conquest. But yeah... that's why dem hate we. If the Iraq numbers say anything, it's that the last few decades' talk about smart bombs and precision targeting don't mean shit.

    Fuck this.

  3. wow that certainly puts things in perspective.