Monday, September 20, 2010

Fuck the Poor, Save the Rich

This graph is really depressing:

99.9% of people think look at a graph and think "that's fucking horrifying".

What does an asshole like Evan Bayh take from this?
TODD: Yesterday, the Census came out and said one in seven Americans are living below the poverty line. Do you look at that story today — you know, you open up your USA Today, right, and you see that story — and you see Washington is debating the tax rates for the wealthy, and you sit there and say, isn’t that a disconnect in America right now?

BAYH: It is a disconnect, Chuck. What we need to be focused on is growth, how do we create jobs, how do we expand businesses. That needs to be job one right now. And all these other issues involving, oh, fairness and things like that can wait.
"Fairness and things" can wait when we need to give the rich more money.

What an disgraceful human being.

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