Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Forget Palin/Beck's 9/11 Booze Fest

Wooooo celebrating 9/11 for lots of money!!!
Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are holding an event in Alaska on 9/11, to honor the innocents murdered nine years ago. Then again, they might not have enough time for "honoring," since they'll be so busy counting their blood money.

It appears that this event, on 9/11, is very much for-profit. These shitbirds are charging between $73.75 and $225 for entry, with the most expensive tickets offering a "meet and greet." There will be a bar, too! You just have to get the "wet" section tickets.
This makes sense as the next logical step to last year's 9/12 rally that Beck hosted to celebrate how great everyone felt the day after 9/11. Uh... yeah.

This year's 9/12 teabagging event may not have Beck, but it will have us! After our highly successful tour last year, we're back for more with some new signs and much of the same crew. If you'll be around during the day on Sunday, send me an email and feel free to join us for a great time teabagging with crazy people.

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