Friday, September 3, 2010

Heads In The Sand

A diary that spent most of the day on the Dailykos rec list:
"Dear President Obama"??

Let me get this straight. The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has found an issue that will resonate with the American public: DON'T CUT SOCIAL SECURITY. Fantastic.

Now, who is it that wants to cut or even eliminate Social Security altogether? THE REPUBLICANS. We all know that.

So how does the CPC choose to proceed with this issue? They write a letter to PRESIDENT FLIPPING OBAMA pleading with him not to cut Social Security! I mean, how clusterfuckian is that?!
. . .
Guys, for chrissakes, don't imply that Democrats want to cut Social Security! Don't write letters to Democrats! Get out there and tell the nation that REPUBLICANS WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY! And you don't even have to lie – because they really do!!

Look, I know Alan Simpson is ostensibly working for the White House on this and it bothers you, but for piss sakes, it's election season! Tell America that REPUBLICANS WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY! And keep saying it over and over and over again!
Flawless logic.

So the fact President Obama doesn't want to cut Social Security is self evident, even though he appointed a commission stacked with people who want to cut social security.

"Alan Simspon is ostensibly working with the white house". The White House appointed Simpson as the Co-chair of the committee, and has not fired him after he has made his disdain for social security quite clear

The real villain here is obviously the people talking about the Obama Administration's flirting with Social Security cuts, not the Administration's actions themselves. It's election season after all.

That diary had enough positive votes to stay voted the recommended list all day. Fucking depressing.

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