Monday, September 27, 2010

Biden to the Left: "Stop whining."

This blogger to Biden: "I'm not voting for your stupid party anymore."

Oh, and "Good luck winning elections without your base. Moron."


  1. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  2. You know you should talk these things GOP now?

  3. JJ- I don't know, it's late 2010 and they still think shitting on the left will win them points with the mythical moderate conservatives? or they just have an electoral death wish?

    Kari- Voting GOP would be pretty funny, vote ironically and help the GOP speed america off a cliff... maybe we can rebuild a sensible country after they smash it into the ground?

  4. It really does sound like they never understood progressive platforms to begin with, and they actually think they did a good job.

  5. The main thing I don't understand is that a month or so ago they sat down in a meeting and talked about how to get out the vote.

    They decided that "Let's remind these this stupid liberals how good they have have it, make fun of them for fights like the public option where we screwed them." was a good strategy to turn out the base.

    It's also worth noting that when the democrats lose there's a 100% chance that the media narrative will be that we lost because Obama was too liberal. So there's that...