Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inside the Teabagger Mind

Via Think Progress:
Local members of the Tea Party sponsored a float, decorated to look like a Radio Flyer wagon, pulled behind a truck. In that truck a number of people sat holding signs that read everything from “Obama Care” and “Healthcare Take Over” to “Wasted Tax Money.”

But the thing that got people upset was a man in shirt and tie wearing a mask of President Barack Obama. In one hand he held a sign that read “Hey Kids! Thanks for paying out debt!” In the other hand he held a horse riding crop which he snapped at a young teen in front of him pretending to pull the wagon by the handle wearing a shirt that read “Future Tax Payer.”
Obama whipping a white person pulling the float.

I guess our "Obama = White Slavery" sign probably wasn't that far off after all...


  1. Definitely the best part of that (aside from the [WTFFFF] white slavery angle) is that there is literal answer to "who will pull the wagon?"

    The wagon is pulled by an unnecessarily enormous american-made car made possible by government support of the car industry.