Friday, September 25, 2009

The Forest of Revolution

On Monday I was inspired by Glenn Beck and shared my vision of the revolution: The Apartment Building of Revolution. Today I've got three more views on the shape of the revolution, provided by JJ, Jay-Pop, and myself.

First, JJ gives us the modern conservative movement in tree form:

Hahha, gross. Next, an image I don't remember producing:

Finally, Jay-Pop drops a truth bomb on Mr. Beck:

I hate it when that happens to me, damn pterodactyls! Anyway, I'm pretty tempted to email these to the Glenn Beck Newsroom and see what comes back our way.


  1. and before anyone asks, the translation for the one on the bottom left corner of mine (taken from a chinese textbook) is:
    "we are testicles!"

  2. what is scariest about the skeleton revolution is the actual reality of it.el dia de los muertos huevos is nearly upon us.