Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Countdown

Real Public Option, Fake Public Option, or No Public Option?

After months of leaks and behind the scenes negotiating, Obama states his case tonight.

Any thoughts?


  1. Finally! The worst thing about these death camps is the waiting.

  2. Uh, HOPE, maybe?

  3. there better be a damn public option. otherwise what is the point?

  4. "insurance exhchange", john mccain....hmmm..

    he reeeeally wants everyone to like him

  5. For the love of God Obama, Just steamroll them! Come on, let loose; S A Y P U B LI C O P T I O N

  6. that speech gave me hope again. lets see if its for real this time.

    he is such a good orator I can never tell if i like what he is saying or just how he says it.

    in this case I liked how clearly he denounced all the misconstrued parts of the bill. the death panels, covering illegal aliens, blah blah. and he made great points about how most americans are already footing the bill for health insurance because the real expensive stuff is in the emergency room and in medicare keeping old and dying on expensive life support with no hope of recovery. he also threw the rich a bone with talk of some kind of tort reform, which i thought was funny. and i guess obama did as well because he laughed as soon as the republicans gave him a standing ovation for mentioning the possibility of decreased accountability for doctors and insurance/pharmaceutical companies.

    honestly my biggest fear is that that will pass and then we will no longer be able to sue these private sector companies for fucking up so much and we will have no where to turn to for any kind of affordable health care because there will be no public option or accountability.

    so then he got to the public option or so called universal healthcare. it does not seem to be that at all. forgive me but is that the same healthcare that IS provided to senators and the US military. do they still pay premiums? i was under the impression that they get it for free although they can choose a private insurance alternative.

    lastly, i especially liked how his plan would take exactly as long to implement as his first term as president. i can see the promos now. "remember that thing? the thing i promised you four years ago...the healthcare thing, remember...yes?...well, its ready. just needs one more signature. a presidential signature. Obama 2012." its a wordy slogan but it certainly gets the point across.