Monday, September 28, 2009

Foreign Leaders Also Confused By Wingnuts

I've always wondered how confused the rest of the world must be when they witness our crazy people:
Speaking about health care reform at the Congressional Black Caucus gala Saturday night, President Obama relayed an anecdote from the G-20 Summit, in which an anonymous world leader said he was dumbfounded over the health care debate -- especially the comparisons to Hitler.

"One of the leaders, I won't mention who it was, he comes up to me and ... he says, 'Barack, explain to me this health care debate.' He says, 'We don't understand it. You're trying to make sure everyone has health care and they're putting a Hitler moustache on you. That doesn't make sense to me, explain that to me,'" Obama said. "He didn't understand."
You’re not the only one who doesn’t understand what’s going on, anonymous world leader.

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