Friday, June 8, 2012

"We’re not sure if you should be known as Talib Kweli"

In an interview with Complex Magazine about his amazing song the Proud, Kweli drops this bombshell:
“Then 9/11 happened. When 9/11 went down, the same sort of ignorance I had about the Internet, I had about the country. Or the same sort of assumptions. I thought people would be able to see through a lot of the propaganda that was about to happen.

“The amount of blind patriotism I saw, it disheartened me because I felt like it came from a real ignorant and dishonest place. So as musicians, especially me being a musician with the name of Talib [which means 'seeker of truth'], we were asked to address this whole situation immediately. There was a musical response, everyone came together. I remember seeing a video with Nelly and everybody in the studio.

Jarret and Bryan from Rawkus asked me to change my professional name. They were like, ‘We’re not sure if you should be known as Talib Kweli.’ This is how crazy and backwards things were becoming.

“I was like, ‘I have to address 9/11 and what’s happening in America, but I’ve gotta be as honest as I can be about it.’ But how can I do that and be as revolutionary as a dead prez or a Michael Franti, but still have some understanding for why people would be scared or would want to be suddenly patriotic? So I tied all of those things together in that record.
WOW. That's some ignorant shit.

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