Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Wildfires– DC & East Coast Media Snapshot Coverage

First of all, some coverage and updates about the absolutely devastating Colorado Wildfires out West.

As the Denver Post reports on the High Park Fire, just one of the many major wildfires raging across the state:

On Tuesday, the fire was estimated at 87,284 acres with 55 percent containment — and has destroyed at least 257 homes, nine more than thought.

Officials said the increase was due to continued assessment, not the result of new fire or burns. The cost of fighting the fire now was estimated at $33.1 million and growing.

For more coverage, and to really get a sense of what’s going on and how MASSIVE the scale of destruction really is, check out these links for live updates, real-time maps and live coverage via to a Real-Time Social Media Response Map.


From Reuters – the Wildfires have forced out over 32,000 people from their homes.


From the United States Air Force – Mandatory Evacuation order for residents in housing at the Air Force Academy.


Second --this post shows a snapshot of the homepages of several major news outlets – just to show what is BIG NEWS in the country this morning.

On the whole--Absolutely Shameful Coverage on the Colorado Wildfires by the local press.

Some screen grabs as of morning, all taken at the same time:


(1) Washington Post, not even a front web page headline.    Hell, not even a throw away link:

Post Capture6.27.2012


(2) Fox Homepage, Top stories include Nora Ephron, Holder, and the usual fun:

Capture Fox6.27

(3) MSNBC – Actual coverage, Front and Center


(4) CBS , well . . .

Capture cbs

(5) ABC – News, but seems much more targeted than National Events.

capture abc


That’s all for now.  I may make regional screen grabs a weekly feature in the future.  Depends on what you think.

Be on the lookout for a SCOTUSDocketwatch MegaPost on Thursday – including coverage and a chat session regarding 1st Amendment Issues in U.S. v. Alvarez & The Stolen Valor Act, and coverage on the Healthcare Decision.


  1. For friends of the Blog living in different regions of the country -- what are the big stories where you are? I'm genuinely curious. Twitter and blogs have both shrunk and expanded my coverage of news, but I think it's all with a decidedly DC/East Coast bent.

    I might start posting Sunday webnews/newspapers/blogs captures from different regions to give a sense of what is going on. Any suggestions on what you'd like to see?

  2. Amusingly, the NY Post has five mentions of "fire" on its frontpage right now, but none of them have to do with Colorado.