Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Final Countdown

Any last minute thoughts or predictions?

My guess is that at least the mandate is struck. As I said before not because I think it should be (based on my non-lawyerly interpretation of this stuff), but because our system is well and truly fucked.

Also, in this day of leaks, isn't it amazing the decision hasn't gotten out yet? It's not like they're cranking out these opinions overnight. Very impressive.


  1. leonard n. fartanova6/28/12, 9:39 AM

    I hope the mandate is struck and the law crumbles and anarchy reigns on the streets and everyone involved with fashioning this law and then with trying to repeal it will be simultaneously struck by lightning and the supreme court building and the house and the senate and the white house and every K street lobbyist office will all catch fire and collapse in on themselves.

  2. WaPo is saying PPACA survives. Great! Now this heap of shit will be accepted as the status quo in healthcare reform and the factors making healthcare so expensive in this stupid country will continue unabated. Great job everyone!